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We perform a full range of databases services that revolve around SQL Server.

We’ve got over 30 years of experience between us and we’ve seen and done almost everything there is to do.  We have two decades of experience managing large enterprises, and we bring that straight to you.

Here are some of the services and issues we can address:


We can make your backup and restore issues go away.  We’ve done it in all sizes of environments, from small shops with just a few servers to huge enterprises with thousands of servers.  We know backup and restore.  We’ll tell you where you stand and we’ll get you to where you need to be.


Yes, High Availability and Disaster Recovery are everyone’s favorite topics.  There are so many aspects to this it’s no wonder so many people don’t have a handle on it.  We do have a handle on it: we can take your requirements and turn them into reality.

For HA/DR, most companies instantly think “cluster” without a full understanding of what they do and what they’re for.  Why does it matter?  For starters, they double your cost.  If you don’t understand exactly what it is clusters do and don’t protect against, you might be spending all that money for nothing.  And, cost isn’t the only issue.  Clusters complicate many aspects of accessing and managing your SQL Server instances, so your support cost and troubleshooting efforts are also greatly increased. We talk over all these issues, and help you decide which option works best for your shop and budget.

To navigate the HA/DR maze you need a real professional.  Talk to us before doing something that will keep you up nights.


We have plenty of experience with data center migrations.  When you get down to it, it can be broken down to a simple HA/DR scenario, or maybe even a backup/restore scenario.  There are plenty of nuances that can make it more complex than a simple database restore, but at its highest level it isn’t a complicated prospect.


Is your server running slow?  We can help.  We can do a proper analysis of your indexes, server layout, configurations, and so on.  Our expertise covers everything from blocking, parameter sniffing, and indexing issues to poor disk configuration.


Are you a small to mid-sized shop with no DBAs of your own?  We will be your DBAs and support your servers and your users remotely.  Frankly though we’re more than just a remote service.  We’ll actually become your offsite DBAs.  We can monitor and address issue proactively. We’ll be there for you night and day and we can help your end users with queries, server installs, education, and much more.  We go far beyond the normal range of services offered by most remote DBAs.


Thinking of transitioning to the cloud?  Do you want to put a SQL Server on Amazon or Azure?  We can help with that.  Would you like to mirror your two Amazon SQL Servers?  We’ve done that.  We can tell you whether you’re the right candidate for a cloud database and then we’ll get you there.


We can teach your staff all about SQL Server and related technologies.  Your DBAs and end users can learn query basics, practical performance tuning, PowerShell, backup and restore, enterprise management, and much more.  We’ll put together a class tailored especially for you, customized for the experience level of your staff.

These aren’t your average, everyday classes.  We are thorough teachers, with a focus on applied learning that will be immediately useful.  Our main goal is for you to actually know the material when we leave, so we drill our students and apply real-world scenarios to make sure they don’t forget.


Are you looking for a new DBA?  Let us help with your tech screenings and interviews.  We have a great deal of experience interviewing DBAs, and we know just what to look for.  We’ll take your job requirements and turn them into a real DBA.

With every interview we give you a full report of the kind of DBA they are, their strengths, their weaknesses, and whatever else you’d like to know.  We can also evaluate your current DBAs to let you know their level of expertise, and make sure they have the know-how to do the job you hired them for.

If you need help with your databases, get in touch on the Contact Us page!