IT shops that use both Oracle and SQL Server need effective enterprise management. When we introduce these shops to Minion Enterprise, they typically have the same set of questions: first, about the product itself; and then, about the differences between MinionWare’s Minion Enterprise, and Oracle’s system monitoring plug-in, Oracle Enterprise Manager for SQL Server (or just, OEM).

minion enterpriseThere are a great many differences between the two, but let’s start with just a dozen or so of the things that Minion Enterprise provides – and OEM doesn’t – that the database team really needs:

  1. Security management
    • Active Directory (AD) expansion shows all users in all groups and sub-groups.
    • sysadmin alerts with AD expansion. (If one user is added to a subgroup 17 levels deep, which eventually rolls up to have sysadmin, you’ll hear about it.)
    • Find all AD and SQL users that haven’t had passwords changed in X days.
    • Find all SQL users that don’t follow password policy.
    • Prevent orphaned users.
    • Find weak SQL passwords, without running a brute force attack against each server.
    • Alert on service account changes.  Or, simply discover service accounts for all instances.
  2. User scripting and cloning
  3. Schema scripting and compare
  4. Backup management and reporting
  5. Reindex management and reporting
  6. DBCC CheckDB management and reporting
  7. Error log reporting
  8. Disk management and predictive analysis
  9. Enterprise-wide database growth projection
  10. Enterprise-wide index performance investigation:
    • Find all clustered GUIDs
    • Find all duplicate indexes
    • Find all heaps
    • Find all low-use indexes
    • Find all missing indexes
  11. Enterprise-wide compliance / patch investigation
  12. Predict database and table size growth across the entire enterprise

No other product available that can perform many of these items. The items that remain are done very well in Minion Enterprise, and done from a central location. There are a good many more items on the list, but this is an excellent place to start.

So where will Minion Enterprise help you best? Find out today with a 90 day trial.