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We’re MidnightSQL Consulting – feel free to get us out of bed!  If your SQL Server is completely down, or functionally down, we can respond faster than other support organizations.  We will stop what we’re doing, get out of bed, and get you up and running again.

Common issues we face are:

1 Corrupt Databases

Database corruption can be difficult to recover from, and not everyone is prepared or up to the task.  We can help you with recovery and get you going again in no time.

2 Server Recovery

Have you lost a server completely?  When your Windows guys finish rebuilding it we can get your databases back online as quickly as possible.  We’ve had lots of experience recovering from these types of disasters and we know exactly what to do.  We can think of solutions that are often overlooked by others.

3 Connection Problems

Do you find yourself all of a sudden not able to connect to your database?  We solve these issues all the time and we know just how to troubleshoot them.

4 Deadlocks Blocking

Are your users unable to work because of excessive blocks or deadlocks?  We’ll get to the bottom of it quickly and get you speeding along again.

5 Cluster Issues

If you’re having trouble with your SQL Server cluster we can help with this too.  We’ve helped many companies recover from corrupt installs, failover problems, poor performance, and more.

6 Performance Conceirns

Something is bringing the server to a standstill! Get your DBAs on the job to figure out the cause, solve it, and prevent it in the future. We’ll always give a full report of what we observed and what we did to resolve it.